Logan Paul should be OFF YouTube | OPINION
The following contains language that might not be suitable for some viewers. 
It’s no secret that we here at 94.3 The Point try and write as locally as possible because keeping our listeners (and viewers) connected locally is what makes us unique...
Sticking Up For Jersey Shore Residents
I don't care what movie writers write or what comedy writers on shows like SNL think, the thought that Jersey Shore residents are all rude is a stereotype that isn't funny anymore and needs to stop.
Why Marriage CAN Work for Millennials
I recently read an editorial in the Asbury Park Press on 5 reasons why millennials like me can't handle marriage anymore, including crippling finances, social media, and 'virtually non-existant sex.'
And I couldn't help but think it was a complete crock.
What We'll Miss Most
Everywhere you go, you see Monmouth and Ocean Counties kids wearing their Yankees jersey with that legendary #2 on the back. I think that's where Derek Jeter's departure hurts the most.
An Open Letter to a Fat Shamer
Like many, I see obnoxious, annoying, or generally ridiculous things on my Facebook newsfeed everyday.
I normally ignore them, or if it's consistent, I'll simply hide that person's posts, so I don't have to see it anymore. But one person's recent post struck a nerve.
MLK Jr. Day: A Time For Reflection, Not Retail
It's extremely rare that a company, store, or other establishment does something that bothers me so much that I will boycott, or refuse to visit the location.
I've seen several things this weekend though that simply have me confused, shaking my head, and wondering what they are thinking.

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