UGGG! That's the best way to summarize how I feel after dealing or trying to, deal with the Motor Vehicle Commission here in New Jersey. What is the deal with the MVC?


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I have to vent because recently I have spent hours trying to ask one question! I simply cannot find a human to speak with at the MVC.


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Truly frustrating. I spent a couple hours, yes hours, on hold trying to talk to a human with questions about transferring a car title. I sat doing work with the phone on speaker twice and I had no one pick up after an hour each I ended up hanging up and getting NO answer.

Have they simply closed the phone centers? Is there no one there? How do we get answers to questions, so that we are prepared for our "appointment"?

Now I have an appointment, but why? Why can’t they open like almost all other businesses? I can go to Walmart, Target, Wawa, Starbucks etc etc why can’t I go to MVC? So now I can’t get answers to my questions and I can only go on their one date and I’m sure if I don’t have everything I need ….. I’ll get set packing. Then what? Reschedule another appointment a month from now? So hopefully I will get this transaction done by Christmas 🎅



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