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So let's talk coffee. I consider myself the coffee expert here at 92.7 WOBM and with that I feel I have some good sense when it comes to coffee. That being said, everybody has different tastes and I understand that. Some people like strong coffee (even espresso) and some like weaker coffee. Some like cream and sugar, while some (like me) drink their coffee black. Some coffee drinkers like "flavored" coffee and some don't. So as you can see their are a lot of various ways to love your coffee.

Ok for me I drink it black, no cream and sugar. I prefer non-flavored coffees. Favorite is an americano with NO room.....aka black espresso with hot water. So I do not think it will be any big surprise when you see my thoughts on the new Hostess  "snack" flavored coffees.

Hostess Snack Flavored Coffee


Ok I'll start with Twinkie flavored coffee.....NO! Not a fan of Twinkies in my coffee. I like Ding Dongs (No I'm not talking about Sue Moll lol jk)  but I don't want the Ding Dong in my coffee either. Snowball flavored coffee lol really? No thanks! The only one I think might have a shot into my cup, the "Honey Buns" flavor because honey and cinnamon might not be too bad in a coffee, but not on a daily basis. So for me it's 1 out of 4.

How do YOU Feel? any sound good? which ones would you like to try? have you tired any?

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