Is this simply an opinion or a fact? You can decide that when this is all over.

I am one of those people you see on Facebook who is constantly sharing memes from The Office. I am not ashamed of this. I fall asleep every night to the popular sitcom. Again, not ashamed. I even watched the entire series of the original U.K. show. I LOVE the show. With all of that being said, I hate Michael Scott. I am one of the very few people in this world that was perfectly fine with Michael leaving and not once did I miss him.

I understand the point of Michael's character. He is supposed to be the worst, he is supposed to make you cringe, and he is supposed to be annoying. I get it. However, there are a few moments in the show that I think Michael crossed a line that took him from being the cringe-worthy boss to being the worst.

Last night, I turned on The Office like I do every night. I don't know what I am going to do when Netflix takes it off. I don't scroll through to find certain episodes, every night I turn on the next episode and have gone through the whole series way too many times. The episode that was up next for me last night was Phyllis's wedding. This my friends is the epitome of everything wrong and everything I hate about Michael. Ironically, the next episode is probably the only episode I like Michael.

During Phyllis's wedding, Michael spends the entire time trying to have "his moment." He tries to insert himself where he doesn't belong the entire time. He throws a fit when her father stands up from his wheelchair and walks down the aisle on his own. He interrupts the ceremony to try to have "his moment." He gives the most cringe-worthy speech when he wasn't asked. Ultimately, he has to be kicked out of the wedding because he behaves so badly.

Ironically, the next episode is where Michael goes to Pam's art show and tells her how proud he is. Which, is my favorite Michael moment and the only moment I can think of off the top of my head where I actually like the man.

Need another example as to why he is the worst? Two words: Scott's Tots.

Remember that time he broke up with Pam's mom?

How about that time he held a pizza delivery kid hostage?

Remember when Michael was just outright mean on Christmas when Phyllis gave him a handmade oven mitt?

I will give the writers of The Office credit, they were able to write an extremely entertaining show in spite of how terrible Michael is.

When Steve Carell left The Office I felt relieved that I wouldn't have to endure anymore cringe-worthy Michael moments.

I am also one of the few people that liked Robert California, I also have a thing for James Spader so that may have something to do with it. James Spader can say the most absurd lines with such elegance, he makes every character so charming. The way he carries Robert California makes you confused, afraid, and attracted to him all at the same time.

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