It’s one of the hottest tickets in town. A concert you’ll never forget. A show like no other. Yes, it’s all of that combined!

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You know a show is good when you’re still talking about it years later. To be specific, it’s been 15 years since I’ve seen them in concert, but it was one of the most amazing  performances ever! One I’ll certainly remember for the rest of my life. It was THAT magical.

Photo by Boga Rín on Unsplash
Photo by Boga Rín on Unsplash

Well, their winter tour is well underway! It kicked off on November 15th in Wisconsin.

I’m talking about Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Ghost of Christmas Eve: The Best of TSO and More. Have you gone to any of their shows? Or even better, have tickets to go this year?

“We’re pulling out all the stops to make sure this winter tour is our best show in years. We can’t wait to be back together for the rock holiday tradition we all know and love.” That according to their website,

Unfortunately, they won’t be performing in New Jersey or New York City this time around, but that’s ok, you won’t have to travel too far to go see them. They’ll be in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center for 2 shows on December 17th, at 3 pm and 7:30 pm.

Photo by Joshua Dueñas on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Dueñas on Unsplash

Their website says the 3 pm show is sold out. Hopefully, you were one of the lucky ones who was able to snag some tickets.

Get ready to rock out to the most electrifying concert ever, one that is sure to get your heart pumping and give you chills all at the same time!

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