Having lived in New Jersey my entire life, I am biased when it comes to describing our "Garden State" I of course think we have many beautiful locations here in Jersey, contrary to what late-night comedians like to say.

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New Jersey has many beautiful locations from north to south and east to west. Purewow.com did an article in which they highlighted their "10 Most Beautiful" locations here in New Jersey.

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There are two, locally, from the Jersey Shore. One in Monmouth County and One in Ocean County.


Shawn Michaels


In Monmouth County, Twin Lights Lighthouse in Highlands was named to the "most beautiful" list here in New Jersey. Twin Lights opened in 1862. The lighthouse is seventy-three feet tall and features two lights on each end of the structure.

Twin Lights Lighthouse was named to the National Registry of Historic Places on December 20th, 1970. I have visited the lighthouse and it sits overlooking Sandy Hook Bay, the entrance to the New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a beautiful lighthouse and if you haven't checked it out it's worth a visit.


Shawn Michaels


CLICK HERE for more details on visiting Twin Lights Lighthouse.

Our second location on the Purewow "Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in New Jersey" is right here in Ocean County. Old Barney. Barnegat Light State Park. Barnegat Light is located on the far north end of Long Beach Island in the town of Barnegat Light.


Barnegat Light (Bud McCormick)


Barnegat Lighthouse was constructed in 1835 and the tower stands 169 feet tall. Barnegat Lighthouse was added to the National Registry of Historic Places on January 25th, 1971.

CLICK HERE for more details on visiting Barnegat Light State Park, LBI.


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