Trying to figure out the place to be at the Jersey Shore?

According to Uber, in 2017 there was a plethora of pick ups at the shore and now they are helping you out so you know the hot spots to visit in 2018.

Check out the list below and we will see you there!

The Osprey - Manasquan
This cash-only beachfront nightclub is where Bruce Springsteen took his first drink ever, a tequila shot. Well now, it has become quite a party spot.

D' Jais Oceanview Bar & Café - Belmar
Are you ready to fist pump at this nightclub? It is easy to see why so many Ubers were requested to this location for pick ups.

The Parker House - Sea Girt 
Another electric atmosphere that is insanely popular during the summer at the Jersey Shore. It's outdoor with a gorgeous decorations and will be ready when those temperatures warm up!

Bar Anticipation - Lake Como 
This is one of the most well-known hot spots to visit at the Jersey Shore with various bars and even a mini pool on site to take a dip in while you relax with your cocktail. Uber has even offered free rides from this location during holiday weekends.

Check out the entire list of South Jersey hotspots at

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