There were so many fantastic activities for those of you who have grown-up in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area over the past 100-plus years.

Steel Pier, Adventure Village, Captain Starn’s, M.E. Blatt’s - Lit Brothers to bake a few. These and more establishments helped to create wonderful memories that have lasted a lifetime.

This walk down memory lane will support just how many fabulous amusement piers, restaurants, and activities have been available throughout the generations in the Atlantic City area.

For example. Orsatti’s Warwick Restaurant was the “it” place for a number of years. The most powerful local, county and state level politicians would gather there regularly.

Imagine how many consequential decisions were made, while breaking bread at Orsatti’s?

The Warwick is still there … now, featuring boardwalk condominiums, whereby a gymnasium now occupies the former Orsatti’s restaurant space.

Former New Jersey Assemblyman Kirk Conover shared about his father and grandfather taking him fishing on Absecon Bay. Conover later became a successful Atlantic City clammer later in life.

My family had a real love for Steel Pier. I write about it in the photo gallery directly below. If it was early in the week and you found out that you would be going to Steel Pier on Saturday, it gave you something to look forward to all week long. It made for a wonderful childhood.

The first photo gallery below is a great rundown of childhood memories from our readers and listeners. It will bring back so many fond memories for you.

There is a reason why we can vividly remember our fond childhood memories. They hold a special place in our hearts.

They are so special in fact, that we can draw upon them for the rest of our lives.

The World Famous Steel Pier was mentioned by many, as was Adventure Village.

Both of these iconic establishments have seared some of the most positive childhood memories that have lasted a lifetime.

In honor and memory of the Steel Pier and Adventure Village, we have included elaborate photo galleries at the bottom of this article.

I hope that you enjoy a very special walk down memory lane. Below, you will see a number of photographs that you may have never seen before.

Thank you for reading.

Atlantic City Area: Readers Share Favorite Childhood Memories

Steel Pier

Do You Remember Adventure Village in EHT?


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