Do you remember the summer of July, 1970 when the Gemini VII spacecraft was on display at the world famous Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I was 10 years old and one of the absolute biggest fans of our space program.

I still am!

This was a very special and record-setting spacecraft, which Captain James Lovell and Colonel Frank Borman flew the spacecraft for 390 hours, 35 minutes and 31 seconds.

There was renewed interest in Lovell and this particular spacecraft because of the April 11, 1970, Apollo VIII, moon mission, which Lovell served as the mission Commander.

Thanks to the Remember When: New Jersey Facebook Page, here are two print articles from the time that memorialize this incredible attraction that was available to see in the large lobby area of the Steel Pier. (See below).

Remember When: New Jersey Photo.
Remember When: New Jersey Photo.

Note, to the right of the Steel Pier article is another article about Ed Hurst moving his television program into the Golden Dome Ballroom.

It represents such incredible history. Hurst was an Atlantic City, Philadelphia and national personality.

Remember When: New Jersey
Remember When: New Jersey

Just look at the legends who are pictured in the photo above.

  • James Lovell
  • Marilyn Lovell
  • George Hamid, Sr.
  • George Hamid, Jr.
  • United States Senator Harrison A. Williams

Williams was later convicted on May 1, 1981, for taking bribes in the ABSCAM sting operation and resigned his position as a United States Senator.

Six members of The United States House of Representatives were also convicted.

Williams always maintained his innocence.

Immediately below, is a phenomenal photo gallery about Steel Pier, with amazing photos from The Don P. Hurley Collection.

Please enjoy.

Steel Pier

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