So tomorrow evening (Thursday, 11/21), there is a possibility that the Jersey Shore will be able to see a unique meteor shower!

If the alpha Monocerotid meteor shower is visible, you will see several meteors per minute.  Yes, that is a lot.

Experts say to start looking up at the sky around 11:00 PM and that the event should reach its peak at about 11:50 PM EST.  Keep your eyes on the sky until a little after midnight to ensure you don't miss anything.

There is a chance that this meteor shower will not happen but meteor scientists named Esko Lyytinen and Peter Jenniskens say that there is a "pretty good chance that it will" because they have been studying the meteor shower for quite some time.

So long story short, there are a lot of variables here but if the stars align, star gazers could be in for a huge treat.

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