If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of sneezing, coughing and sniffling. Allergy season at the Jersey Shore is getting worse.

If you're wondering why you feel the way you do lately, you can blame it on the trees. The tree pollen level has officially reached the "high" category, but if you're an allergy sufferer, nobody had to tell you that.

And the tree pollen forecast doesn't get better anytime soon. According to accuweather.com, the tree pollen level will remain high today, tomorrow and through the weekend. So when do we get a little relief?

Well, according to the experts, the streak of high pollen days will come to an end on Monday, when the levels will fall back down into the low range. It is predicted to stay low throughout the week next week.

So it looks like a late week and weekend of coughing and sneezing for many allergy sufferers here at the Jersey Shore. Let's hope next week gets here quickly. Feel better!

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