So many of us followed the story of baby Talia and the selfless act of kindness from her babysitter. So how are they doing now? Here's how you can still help.

If you missed the story of baby Talia and her incredibly generous college student babysitter from Monmouth County, and to see the 'before' photos, CLICK HERE. It is a heartwarming story of love, selflessness, generosity that goes above and beyond, and the chance for a baby girl to live who otherwise may not have made it very far.

Now for the update. Here's what Talia's mom Farra says:

(Photo from Farra Roskoe)
(Kiersten and Talia now, Photo from Farra Rosko)

"We are 3.5 months post-transplant. Both of our ladies are doing great. Kiersten (the sitter) is back to her old self, spending time with her friends and family.

Talia is doing amazing and is very, very active, She has gained more weight (she is about 23 lbs) and we have dropped her steroids, Zantac and her antiviral medicine. We have also gone to monthly blood draws instead of bi-weekly.

Talia's next liver clinic is May 23rd and prayerfully things will continue in the same direction. Talia loves to dance and play with her brother and sister and loves to snack all day long (making up for lost time.)"

The Rosko family and friends are very excited to be participating in The NJ Sharing Network 5K in Long Branch this Sunday, May 7th, so there are ways you can contribute to organ donation for Talia's team and others -- see links below.

Talia's family will continue to have medical bills, and if you would like to contribute, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

If you would like to support Kiersten by helping her pay off her college debt as a thank you for her selfless act of kindness by donating part of her liver to Talia, and for what she had to go through to do it, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the 5K if you would like to walk/run with Talia's team (Natalia Rosko)

CLICK HERE for a Sweaty Band with Talia's name on it (use code TeamTalia for 10% off)

Thank you, Farra, for sharing your daughter's journey with all of us. Sending Talia lots of love and prayers for a healthy life!

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