When I was a kid, I remember looking through the Toys R Us and other store circulars from the Sunday newspaper as a resource in making my Christmas List for Santa.  Some of my favorite toys included a View Master, where the images seem to come to life, Lite Brite with the multi-color pegs and a variety of Hot Wheels cars always made the perfect stocking stuffer.  The average price for a Hot Wheels car at that time was approximately .59 cents.  Now, the Special Edition 1969 pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb Hot Wheels car is worth $125,000!  Although I never had that specific Hot Wheels car, I did have an original View Master and Lite Brite.  Now considered “vintage,” my View Master is worth $430.  The original purchase price was $12.50.  If I left my Lite Brite in the original box, it would be worth $150 today.  Not bad for a toy that originally cost under $10.  The Monopoly Board game was a staple in every toy closet.  A hand drawn version of the game from the 1930’s is worth $146,500.  In 2003, a prototype G.I Joe sold for $200,000, with the Missile Command Center selling for $17,500.  Here are some other noteworthy toys that have increased in value.  Super Soaker ($600), Vintage Toy Story Toys ($700), Furby ($900), Skeletor Action Figure ($1,600), Transformers Action Figures (($2,000), Lego Trains ($3,000), Cabbage Patch Kids ($3,000), Garbage Pail Kids ($4,000), Tamagotchi ($3,000), Easy-Bake Oven (($4,000), Beanie Babies ($5,000), American Girl Dolls ($5,000), Vintage Luke Skywalker Action Figure ($25,000), Pokeman Cards ($100,000) and of course Barbie (($302,000).  Other valuable toys include certain PEZ dispensers and McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys.  Click HERE to see if you own a toy that could be worth some serious cash.  Now, you might be doing your holiday shopping with an entirely new perspective.  Could you be purchasing a toy today that might be worth six figures years from now?  #toyshopping

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