(Associated Press)
(Associated Press)

Trusted veterinarian Dr. Adam Christman from Brick Town Veterinary Hospital has a few words of advice to give you before you bring your dog to a grooming center.

Dr. Christman says the heaters they are using at some of the grooming centers at the pet stores are just way too hot.

He recommends you ask what time your dog will be ready and tell them to not over-dry your pet. Better to have a damp dog than a dead one...or to find out your dog was badly burned or suffered from heat stroke.

He says it would also help to ask the store if they can do an express grooming for an upcharge so that your dog doesn't have to stay there as long.

Dr. Christman, along with other dog lovers that I know,  recommend mobile grooming over dropping your dog at a pet store grooming center. And at least this way your dog is in your driveway or parking lot and you can be right there near them and know that they are getting groomed and given back to you immediately.

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