If you have ever worried about something other than your dog entering your house through the doggie door, it turns out you had good reason.

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A Florida woman was awaked by her dog barking at the Christmas tree a little after 4am last Thursday.  At first, Aubrey Iacobelli thought that a cat had somehow gotten in to her Christmas tree. Maybe the cat had gotten in to her home through her doggie door.

"I have a doggy door and my dog sleeps right in front of that dog door. I hear her going in and out all night. I wake up and I hear her barking outside.

Her dog was staring at the Christmas tree and barking.  Iacobelli grabbed a frying pan to try to get the animal she thought was a cat out of her tree.

"I didn't want to hurt the animal. I just wanted it outside of the house."

Then the mystery animal finally came out of the tree and revealed itself. Iacobelli and her dog spotted the raccoon on the side of the tree and the dog jumped towards it, knocking over the tree.

The raccoon ran away from freedom. Jumped on my chandelier where it swung there for like 30 minutes."

After chasing the raccoon around her house for an hour it finally went back outside by using the dog door it used to enter the house in the first place.

Iacobelli says her advice to others in a similar situation is to call Animal Control, don't try to do this on your own and just laugh at yourself - that's all you can do.

This could be the rudest of all awakenings. And, we have it on video to watch for you.  OMG!

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