The Vinny from the heyday of 'Jersey Shore' and the Vinny of today are quite different, especially when it comes to his appearance.

Vinny Guadagnino is sporting a much leaner look lately, and that's because he's really gotten into the 'Keto Diet.'

The ketogenic diet focuses on low carbs and high fat. It's proven successful for many. Vinny hopes to take the fundamentals of the diet and add his own personal experience to help others get in shape and eat healthier.

Vinny's publisher had this to say about the upcoming release:

Growing up in a big Italian family didn’t naturally lend itself to a carb-free lifestyle―so when Vinny started the ketogenic diet, the transformation in his body amazed him. He realized that eating keto was both healthy and sustainable, and he had never felt better. To share his passion for this way of eating, Vinny created the moniker ‘keto guido,’ and started posting his recipes online. Vinny’s fans began asking when he would publish a book of recipes that would show them how to get started, and 'The Keto Guido Cookbook’ was born.

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