A post going wildly viral on Facebook is making a major accusation of animal abuse in Ocean County.

Amanda Boyette's post has been shared close to 30,000 times in just 8 hours.

The post includes two photos of a car, and a caption claiming the driver threw a live kitten out the window while driving through the intersection of County Line and Hope Chapel Roads.

(Note: We have blurred the license plate, as these claims are unsubstantiated at this point. I put in several calls to Jackson Township Police, but haven't been able to speak to anyone about the issue yet.)


The caption (WARNING: contains adult language) reads:

On my way to work this morning at the light on County Line Road and Hope Chapel Road this guy threw a kitten out of his passenger window while making a left onto County Line Road. And yes i do mean a live KITTEN. It was black and white. Thankfully it made across the road. If you know me im an animal lover so i followed the car!! He was driving a Subaru WRX coal grey in color 4 door. They guy is somewhere between his 20-30s. And yes i most certainly called the police. He also took off as soon as he saw me taking pics of his car. Piece of shit!!! Share the crap outta this!!" (all sic)

The accusations are truly serious, and the act would be considered a third degree crime, carrying a potential 3-5 year jail term upon conviction.

Anyone who witnessed the incident this morning should certainly call Jackson Township Police (non-emergency number) at 732-928-1111.