To all of my New Jersey cancer survivors out there: you are some of the bravest, most badass human beings I have ever met.

Whenever that stupid, obnoxious disease is conquered, a celebration is warranted.

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Thanks to a Tiktok that has gone viral, I got an idea on a new tradition we should start in the Garden State....or maybe even everywhere.

It all started with a video posted by @HallieBeth22.

Quite the celebration, right? I have goosebumps from just watching this take place...imagine if we were actually there to witness it.

In the video, you see a girl walk out and be surprised by a group of friends! There is dancing and yelling and jumping....EPIC.

If you are curious what the story is behind this video, Hallie posted a follow up Tiktok to explain.

Spoiler alert: It has to do with Greek Life on Hallie's college campus.

Hallie was being "Queened" by the fraternities on campus and the result of her being surprised is the viral Tiktok you see above.

Breast cancer
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One thing that Hallie revealed is extremely important during this whole process: the person being Queened can know nothing until it is actually time for the surprise to be revealed.

I'm sure you're wondering: "Nicole, what on earth does this have to do with cancer survivors?" 

I'm getting there!

Imagine a similar surprise for all New Jersey -- or even global -- cancer survivors out there!

Truthfully, this idea was not mine. It came from a comment made by @zlain07.

Tiktok Screenshot
Tiktok Screenshot

I read the comment and thought: "Oh....My....Gawwwd! GENIUS!"

So whether it be when survivors finally leave the hospital, finish their last chemotherapy session or receive scan results that show they are cancer free, this is something I can picture A LOT of people thoroughly enjoying.

For obvious reasons, things might have to be a bit calmer than what these college kids put together but I bet it would make people smile.

Woman with breast cancer ribbon

Just gather all of the survivor's closest family members, friends, coworkers and whoever else in-between would be willing to take part. Bring some ballons...maybe a cake...and EURIKA!

Cancer sucks. But when people finally beat it, we can make things suck a little less with a proper celebration.

Do you agree?

I want to hear your thoughts! Email me at

Thank you to all of our healthcare workers who continue to support ALL patients in New Jersey. You are amazing.

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