Maeberrie Market
Maeberrie Market

We are looking to crown the best restaurant to go to for Brunch in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

All of these restaurants are great contenders, but only one will be voted the best of the best and make it into our Point Platinum Club.

You nominated your favorites, so now it's time to start voting!

Think about which of these places you'd go to for a late-morning/early afternoon meal. Maybe you love their waffles, their coffee, their brunch cocktails, or their melty grilled cheese and tomato soup! Maybe it's the giant salads, the freshly-squeezed juices (perhaps mixed with champagne?) or even the desserts.

Or maybe you just enjoy getting out with friends for a leisurly noon-time meal on the weekends and love ALL of the foods on some restaurants' brunch menu. (For me, I like to start with a cocktail, some lunch/dinner items, and then have something sweet like French toast for dessert!)

We really want to show our love and support for the restaurant industry and local businesses, so let's give one of them the attention it deserves -- although each of these nominees definitely serves some spectacular food :)

Voting is open now. You can vote once per day, per device, only right here on our free 94.3 The Point App. So vote every day and let your voice be heard! After all, it is your votes that will determine the winner of Best Brunch at the Jersey Shore!

To see who else has won and is now part of our prestigious Point Platinum Club, CLICK HERE!


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