Is there anything more awesome than an amazing brunch? Well. it turns out that a restaurant that's not too far away from us has been named the best brunch spot in the entire Garden State. We love it when victory comes for a visit at the Jersey Shore. And now we can all celebrate another awesome Jersey Shore business.

Photo by Apex 360 on Unsplash
Photo by Apex 360 on Unsplash

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Just this week 24/7 Tempo published an article about the most amazing brunch spots in each state, and to most people's surprise it wasn't Jersey City or Cape May or Atlantic City that had the spot;light shining on it like most of these lists do.

This time around the spotlight focused on the lovely Egg Harbor Township, and the  restaurant honored for the best brunch in the Garden State is...wait for it...JJ's Diner. Congratulations to a local favorite.

One quick look at JJ's breakfast menu and you start to understand why this spot is being put, well, in the spotlight.From the Whitefish Salad to the Smoked Salmon to the Eye Opener or The Sunriser, the breakfast possibilities are endless.

All that and we haven't even talked about the 22 different varieties of omelettes on their extensive menu. And the waffles look pretty delicious, too. And your mouth will water for their their their hot roast beef, pork or turkey open sandwiches,

We love the fact that this honor goes to a business right in our backyard. Check out JJ's soon! They're located at  6711 Washington Ave in Egg Harbor Township. Enjoy!

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