The Monmouth County Prosecutors Office has issued a warrant for a man in Long Branch connected to "River," the dog left in a cage in Highlands earlier this week.

Authorities are looking for Aaron D. Davis, 36, of Long Branch.

Monmouth County Prosecutors Office

Anyone who has any information on the whereabouts of Aaron Davis or that may have witnessed anything, please notify the Monmouth County SPCA Animal Cruelty Hot Line 877-898-7297 or the Highlands Police Department at 732-872-1158.

Monday at approximately 6:15 AM, a Highlands resident was walking their dog in Veterans Memorial Park on Bay Ave, Highlands when their dog was alerted by something on the water side of the rock bulkhead. As the passerby investigated, they spotted a black wire cage with a small dog cowering inside the cage. The cage was on a small portion of sand between the bulkhead and the water. The tide was coming in and the water had reached the cage.

Monmouth County Prosecutors Office
 A good Samaritan climbed over the wall and rescued the dog. The dog was taken to Highlands Police Department who then called Animal Control then alerted the Prosecutors office. When Animal Control arrived on the scene the cage almost covered by the rising tide. If not for the heroic rescue act of the good Samaritan, the dog could have potentially drowned.
Monmouth County Prosecutors Office

Due to the tide schedule, they estimate that the dog was placed there between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM.

The 1-year-old pitbull if safe with the Monmouth County SPCA.