(Photo courtesy of Sea Turtle Recovery)
(Photo courtesy of Sea Turtle Recovery)

The non-profit Sea Turtle Recovery has rehabilitated and released 40 sea turtles back into the ocean in the past two years. Now they are prepping to release their 41st and you could be there to see it!

After being hospitalized and rehabilitated at Turtle Back Zoo (the home of Sea Turtle Recovery), you are welcome to come catch a glimpse of a sea turtle who was rescued and saved and is now ready to go home to the sea.

This turtle will be released on Tuesday, July 30th, at 7:30 am near Water Street at Point Pleasant Beach in conjunction with Jenkinson's Aquarium.

This juvenile 'Kemp's Ridley' sea turtle became stranded due to becoming cold-stunned, a condition in which the sea turtle's body systems begin to shut down if the animal failed to migrate before water temps became too cold. This poor baby was also diagnosed with an impaction of swallowed sand, a severe ear infection, and pneumonia -- all of which are now cured! Now this adorable sea turtle is ready to return home to the sea.

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers animals face in the wild. Sea Turtle Recovery takes in critical sea turtles and then releases them healthy.

Due to water temps and sea turtle migrations, Sea Turtle Recovery's patients can only be released in NJ from June to September (otherwise they have to travel south to release the turtles.)

Partnering with Jenkinson's Aquarium and Boardwalk and the Point Pleasant Beach Mayor, Stephen Reid, Sea Turtle Recovery works to ensure a safe release for the sea turtles. (They also hope to share a video on their Facebook page of the release in case you can't get down there to see it live.)

You are welcome to come catch a glimpse of this critically endangered species as it returns to the ocean. However you are asked to respect the barriers that will be set up since there is likely to be a large crowd and the sea turtle's safety and a relaxed entry back into the ocean is the top priority of Sea Turtle Recovery.

Sea Turtle Recovery is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of sea turtles and educating the public on the important ecological role of sea turtles, threats endangering them, and ways to protect their future. The Sea Turtle Recovery is a separate non-profit located inside Essex County Turtle Back Zoo. STR provides staffing, food, medicine, surgeries and other treatments to sick and injured sea turtles until they can be released back into the ocean. For more info, or to donate towards sea turtles' care, CLICK HERE.


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