It was a great summer weekend at the Jersey Shore and there was a lot of traffic. No surprise, right? But I’m not talking about cars here.
The traffic I’m talking about is water traffic. The kind that was bustling all weekend long in the Barnegat Bay and along the Metedeconk River as well as other places at the Jersey Shore.
Diane and I tend to try to keep the thought of weekend water travel to a minimum, much the way we avoid the Parkway, too. But this weekend we took the Princess Diane for a short cruise near the intersection of the Barnegat Bay and the Metedeconk. It’s a place I like to call the Asbury Park Circle of the waterways.
We anchored far enough from the intersection to stay safe but close enough to watch, and there was plenty to see. And just like you’d find on the Parkway during any given summer weekend, there were good drivers, bad drivers and downright idiots.
There are no license plate colors to determine the home state, so you couldn’t point fingers there, but one thing I seemed to notice, is the bigger the boat, the higher the risk of Parkway type shenanigans, if that means anything.
That’s just my opinion, but I’m sure I’m not alone. I guess the morale of the story is if you want to go somewhere at the Jersey Shore on a summer weekend, the car and the boat may be unattractive options. Anybody have an NJT schedule?

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