The convenience and comfort that Wawa brings have made the past few months a little more bearable.

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And I think that overall Wawa has done an outstanding job keeping things going during this time. Every time I've walked into a Wawa I've been able to get what I needed in a relatively fast and safe way. Props to all Wawa employees that have kept us going!

As Wawa continues to evolve, now offering delivery, two stores are testing curbside ordering.

The way it works is pretty simple. There are up to ten designated 'curbside ordering' parking spaces at the stores. Customers pull into one of the spots and a Wawa associate takes their order remotely right from the vehicle. The order is then hand-delivered to you when it's ready. This process would eliminate you from having to step foot inside a store.

A company press release said this method was being tested out as more and more establishments have successfully transitioned to a curbside pickup.

The two test stores are to our west in Ewing and in Philadelphia. However, Wawa is expected to expand curbside pickup to at least 30 additional locations by this summer and fall.

I think that this is a great idea if you're picking up a bunch of items, but it'll always be a lot quicker to throw a mask on and run in the store. I appreciate Wawa's focus on safety though.

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