There's an awesome reason that you should wear red this Friday.

Let's face it. It's not always easy being a woman. There is so much maintenance and upkeep. If you are a career woman, you are usually under a lot of pressure. If you are a mother, you are being pulled in a thousand different directions by your kids on a daily basis, sometimes exhausted by the end of each day after everything you have done for everyone else. And if you are a working mom, or a single mom, chances are you have too much on your plate and are juggling to keep everything from crashing down around you.

But here's what's really important: YOU. And taking care of YOURSELF. Sometimes we either forget that or put it off. Heck, who even has the time to call a doctor to make a well-visit appointment, never mind get to the gym every day?!

So I gently ask you to take a moment for yourself and share this information with all the important women in your life. It's from the American Heart Association and their 'Go Red for Women' campaign.

A single Well-Woman Visit can give you a head-to-heart-to-toe view of your overall health. Invest an hour of your life in order to save it. You are too important to lose. Let your doctor measure your blood pressure, check your cholesterol and glucose, and look for signs of heart disease, stroke, and other illnesses.

Don't wait for a sick visit, because your doctor won't (and really can't) give you a physical during a sick visit or when you have an injury.

In fact, it's not just your primary that can give you a well-visit. You can also get one from your OB-GYN or a nurse-practitioner.

Make sure you know your family health history before your well-visit. It's really important to know if your parents, grandparents, or siblings have any history of health problems. This is a red flag you may not even be aware of.

Check your health insurance plan for preventive services coverage. For most women, a Well-Woman Visit has no additional costs because of the Affordable Care Act. But this may not be true for all.

And remember, ladies, that it is important to lose weight if you have to, stop smoking, eat healthy, and be physically active. If you can do this with a friend or family member, you can lean on and support each other. It's also super important to get your kids started on making healthy food choices and being active.

Don't beat yourself up if you haven't been able to get in shape. Don't be ashamed, or afraid, to go to a doctor. This is YOUR LIFE. It is precious.

I am calling to make a Well Woman Visit on Friday. I will wear red to remind myself to do this. Please do it with me! And reach out to your mom, sister, and best friend to do the same.

For more great info, CLICK HERE! Or call 1-888-694-3278.




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