I got a strange surprise today at work: a beautiful flower arrangement. And apparently I'm not the only one.

1 800 flowers sent Valentine's Day orders early
Laurie Cataldo
1800flowers.com and paid extra money for Valentine's Day delivery are going to be quite disappointed when those arrangements arrive today instead.

Now men, it might be annoying, but it could be worse. My first thought when I saw my flowers today was confusion. Did my boyfriend get the day wrong? Were they from someone else? Did my bf send them early to throw me off?

I opened the box, realized they were from Duzzy, and texted him to let him know I got them. He was, quite like the other men who took to Twitter, annoyed that they were sent early, but he said he thought he had to pay extra for Valentine's Day delivery.

My next thought was that it was smart to save a little on them, because I know flowers are insanely overpriced for VDay.

It's better to get them a day early than a day late, or to not get them at all!

It may not be Valentine's Day, but the roses smell just as sweet.

That said, you should definitely get your delivery money refunded...Duzzy even got a gift card for a future order. I can tell you firsthand if you tweet them @1800flowers, they'll respond ASAP!

And yes, I know what you're all thinking:

Honest Valentines 7

We know. Valentine's Day is a huge pain in the arse, a completely made-up commercial holiday...but we love it. And we appreciate your effort even more for knowing that!

Would you be upset if you got Valentine's Day flowers early? Tell us why or why not in the comment section below!

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