Wednesday is the fourth of what will eventually be six consecutive sunny, chilly days in the Garden State, as temperatures continue to warm — but not too much.

As sun continues to blanket New Jersey, daytime highs on Wednesday will inch forward to the upper 30s to mid-40s. Nighttime remains cool, with clear skies and lows sliding down into the lower to mid-20s.

Thursday and Friday are those "cookie-cutter" days you love to see if you're worried about putting together a complicated forecast. They're identical, and they're as uncomplicated as you can get: sunny for both, with highs ranging from the mid-40s up to 50.

Right now it appears that Saturday brings a disturbance, as it did one week prior. Saturday is looking rainy and breezy ... and there's at least a chance right now rain showers might mix with snow overnight Saturday into Sunday.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow returns Monday, Jan. 27.

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