The stores we have at our disposal seems to be a very hot topic at the Jersey Shore....and now I can see why.

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Grocery shopping is one of those tasks that I do because I have to, not because I want to.

That is....until I recently entered a Wegmans for the first time while up North with my parents.

You know how most people say Disney is the happiest place on Earth? For me, it's Wegmans and here is why.

But when I returned to the Shore, I looked up the closest to Wegmans to me.

There are only two...TWO Wegmans locations in Monmouth and Ocean Counties and the closest one is like an hour away from me. Ummmm....not okay.

Here's why I am now obsessed.

They, of course, had your typical grocery store areas including produce, fruits, vegetables, cereals and pet food.

But their selection went above and beyond that tenfold.

Let me enlighten you with what the Wegmans I went to offered:

An area where fresh sushi was consistently being made

A hot Chinese food bar

A hot comfort food bar with fried chicken, mac and cheese and so much more.

A seafood bar that had both cooked and raw seafood that looked and smelled fresh.

A meat section with all different cuts of steak, pork, ribeye and who knows what else.

An area with premade meals and the variety was insane.

A "pizza shelf" that I spent A LOT of time at.

A bakery with so many different types of baked goods and bread that my jaw was on the floor.

A fresh sandwich area where you could have your sandwich, wrap or sub in a tub made to order.

Their deli and meats section also included a separate cheese and meats table with food items specifically for charcuterie boards.

A salad bar with an array of different lettuces, meats, toppings and dressings available

A burger joint where you could order your food, sit down and enjoy similar to a restaurant.

They had their own liquor store connected to the building.

And from the looks of it, things weren't outrageously expensive. I mean, of course if you get a pound of King Crab it will cost you but I didn't notice anything abnormal about their prices.

So.....need I say anymore?

Here is what I need you to do: If you agree with me, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Post on social media, make a request on Wegmans' website and whatever else you can think of and I will do the same.

Because who in their right mind would ignore the requests of hungry paying customers? No one...that's who.

The louder we are, the faster we will get more Wegmans locations down here because as it stands now, I have to drive an hour to get to the closest Wegmans.

That should be illegal.

So who is with me?!

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