Anxiety can be a real annoyance in the lives of many. I know for myself as someone that suffers from a mild case of anxiety from time to time, meds are pretty much not an option, unless I go on something that has to be taken daily due to doctors not being able to prescribe certain medications because of the addiction epidemic. I myself have chosen to try and use alternate forms of coping when these episodes arise. The first thing I did was get CBD oil, which has helped keep me calm. The other thing I have been doing is meditation, it helps. As for the times it hits me when I am trying to go to sleep… I finally invested in a weighted blanket.

I had read studies that say the weighted blanket helps with anxiety because it is supposed to feel like someone is hugging you. They have special vests that they put on dogs that have anxiety from thunder or other loud noises, so I figured let me buy one and try it out. It can't hurt right? Well...

I am super excited about it, but I do have to tell you, putting it on my bed was not a great idea. I don’t know if it is because I got a 20lb blanket, or if it’s because I toss and turn naturally…but I DID NOT SLEEP WELL last night. I pretty much did some reps with my blanket in my sleep. Every time I had to roll over, I legit had to use all my strength to lift the covers so I could move. Getting up in the middle of the night to pee was fun too. I guess I was ignorant in thinking the blanket would help me sleep more sound. It did not. I actually am surprised I didn't blow out my shoulder from trying to remove the blanket from my body.

It was the perfect blanket for when I am snuggled on my couch though. In my bed, the blanket basically seemed to keep me pinned down and, in my wake, shifting and getting out of it was fine, but sleeping…who wants to be doing a workout while trying to get some rest? Note to self, keep it as a comfy couch snuggler and never ever fall asleep in it!! Or next time get a lighter one to try out first.

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