MY FRIENDS NEED YOUR HELP! I'm hearing more and more from my friends that live on the water in Ocean County that their dust problem is out of control.

Have you heard about this? I don't live on the water but I hear it's a huge problem. My friend lives in Mystic Island and I was asking about her beautiful house, she continues to tell me about this dust. I was like, "What?"

Living inland I don't have this trouble. I checked in with other friends that live on the water in Ocean Gate, Bayville, and Seaside Park and they all tell me the same thing about this dust. They don't even have to have their windows open and they still get this layer of dust. When they open their windows, the dust is worse.

What is this? I've never heard of this? Well with a little bit of research I found something very interesting an article from our 92.7 WOBM Meteorologist Dan Zarrow. While reading the article this dust from the Saraha, Dan calls it a fascinating scientific phenomenon. The Saharan desert dust happens almost every year, but the dust's effects on New Jersey should be minimal. Is this true?

If this is true, why is there so much dust here now? Is there something else causing this dust. Is it coming from the Atlantic? I would love some answers for our friends living on the water in Ocean County.

And, if you're dealing with the dust what do you do to control it?

Even with the dust, New Jersey is the best place to live, especially if you live on the water:

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