We are no strangers to weirdness here in New Jersey, so when one occupation rises above them all to be named the weirdest job in the state you tend to take notice.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash
Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

There are some weird things that happen in New Jersey every single day. So much so that we even have an entire website dedicated to the topic. Just spend some time on Weird NJ and you'll see where it got its name.

We do weird things in the Garden State and some of us have weird jobs, but a couple of years back, 24/7 Wall St. stumbled upon what they dubbed the weirdest job of them all here in the Garden State. Or, more appropriately, they got stuck on it.

The website chose the weirdest job in each state in America, and when it came to the Garden State, things got a little sticky. This isn't just a weird job. It's also a pretty gross one.


The weirdest job in New Jersey according to this article is something known as a gum buster. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

Believe it or not, there still is a company that provides the service of cleaning up all the gross, disgusting chewed pieces of gum that get deposited or simply dropped all over the Garden State each day.


Gum Busters is a real company out of Brooklyn, and odds are, they've probably cleaned up a chewed wad of gum that was in your mouth at one time. They're not the only ones, so we pay tribute to all the gum-removing teams around for making our Garden State a prettier and less sticky place.

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