Do you ever just sit and stare at your closet unable to make a decision on what to wear while you are getting ready?

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Do you always mutter, "I don't have any clothes!" on the regular?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Do your "errands" consist of running to Target to see what new items got put on the floor in the last 24 hours?

If any of these examples describe you,  then this could be a dangerously exciting announcement for shoppers. (Yes mom, I'm talking to you...) 

But alas, here comes all the information anyways.

According to the, The Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus will be constructing two new buildings on site with 550 luxury apartments.

No price points for these new apartments - whether renting or buying - have been revealed to the public just yet.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In addition to these new apartments, "an outdoor area that features restaurants, new retailers and community event spaces," will be built as well according to

This mall is the 2nd largest in New Jersey and has already been named as the best mall in the state.

But being able to live on site might have just brought them up another notch.

I can see it now:

Meeting a friend out for drinks and food? Let's go grab a new shirt for the occasion.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Having a big meeting at work tomorrow? Let's get a new pantsuit the night before.

In the mood to feel pretty? Let's go grab a new dress.

If you are someone who lacks self control, this may not be the move for you.

I think I just heard partners across the Jersey Shore go, "Dear, don't even think about it."

Well you do have some time to convince them because construction isn't set to begin until at least 2024. From there, the new areas are not expected to be complete by 2026.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In theory, this sounds awesome.

In reality, your bank account might hate you for making this move so decide wisely.

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