There is no definitive word on what is going to happen this coming football season, but there is talk about playing the games in empty arenas.

There is certainly still time between now and the start of the football season. As a matter of fact, we don't even know what will happen to our baseball season yet. There is talk in the sports world about playing in empty arenas.

Go Banking Rates decided to determine what the numbers would look like for each team in the NFL if there were games in empty stadiums, and here's what the numbers would look like for the local football squads.

New York (Jersey) Jets

Average attendance...78,523

Average ticket price...$130.54

Revenue per home game...$59.38 million

New York (Jersey) Giants

Average attendance...74,664

Average ticket price...$162.39

Revenue per home game...$64.88 million

Philadelphia Eagles

Average Attendance...69,783

Average ticket price...$139.72

Revenue per home game...$60.25 million

With 8 home games each season, you can do the math, that's a calculator sized number. These are numbers that are pretty tough to comprehend under normal circumstances, but under current conditions, that's really eye opening.

Of course, no final decisions have been made for baseball or football, but first things first of course. We want to be healthy, stay healthy and get back to some normalcy, but sports would make us all feel a little better, no matter what form it eventually comes in.

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