We all know that Liz and I do not  spend a lot of time together outside the four and a half hours of the show each weekday. And for good reason.

The universe has spoken. Liz and I planned to do a holiday video for our good friends at Freehold Raceway Mall yesterday. We had everything all set and the video crew was ready.

Liz had the first scene. She overacted it and went too long, so the director (me) yelled "cut". And then the universe told us what it thought of our collaboration. The minute I yelled "cut" all the lights went out in the mall.

A power outage in the area, affecting the mall, some other businesses and some area traffic lights, hit just when our work began. We were filming that first video scene at Sur La Table and we stayed there for about a half hour, before yielding to the message from the cosmos and abandoning the shoot.

If there was ever a sign that we shouldn't even attempt to collaborate outside the studio walls, this had to be it. But don't worry, we're rescheduling and will be back soon. If the universe lets us.

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