I had my very first experience picking up a hitchhiker today, and it was as uncomfortable and awkward as I'd always heard it would be.

Mostly because my passenger had 6 legs.


(Whatever, it's a good story, keep reading.)

I first noticed him hanging out on the spoiler of my car, when I happened to look in my rearview mirror while driving on Rt. 34 in Wall this morning, just before getting on the Parkway. I sort of panicked at the realization that a flippin' praying mantis was hitching a ride on my car.

Let it be known, I hate bugs. Hate them. I can't even kill them because the thought of having to touch them freaks me out so bad, and heaven help me if there were bug remnants on the bottom of my shoe.

That being said, I immediately got worried about this guy. I mean, it's illegal to kill a praying mantis, isn't it? (No, it's not. That's just a weird myth.)

I don't know how he wound up there, but I was sure he wouldn't survive the trek down the GSP.

I found myself driving slower on my way to work, praying the little dude would be able to hang on.

And he did. For approximately 17 MILES...then the rain started! I was sure that would be the end of him.

And yet he kept on keepin on!

We arrived safely at our destination, and upon getting out of the car, I had to take a picture of Little Mantis Man.

It was then I realized it wasn't, in fact, a praying mantis, but some weird-looking leaf with antennae and legs.

Laurie Cataldo

Leaf bug. Strongest thing I've ever seen. My favorite unexpected travel companion.

Would you ever pick up a (human) hitchhiker? Would you ever hitchhike yourself? Tell us in the comment section below!