I thought it was tough being a Mets fan, and then football season started. I feel like sending the New York Giants a bill because I think they owe me.

As I watched the Giants lose another game, and by the way, they are 4-19 since the start of last season, it dawned on me how much money and time I've waste on this team. You can't put a price on the aggravation this team has cost me, but I'm going to try anyway.

Vegetable trays. I buy them so I can nervously snack on something healthy during the game, and I can avoid eating chips. $11.99 a week for the past 23 game weeks = $275.77

Chips. I lose interest in raw broccoli by the middle of the 1st quarter, so enter the Tostitos, salsa and Cool Ranch Doritos. That's $11 a week X 23 weeks = $253.00

Game Time. Each one of those 23 games is approximately 3 and a half hours long. Let's charge just $10 an hour for that and that adds up to $805. 00

Gear. Three shirts each for me and Diane over the past two years. What a huge waste of money, We haven't wanted to wear them in two years. Total price $425.00.

Post Game Time. Of course, I have to complain about the miserable play of Big Blue after each game to just about anyone who will listens. We'll estimate two hours per game, and at the rate of $10 an hour, that $460.00.

Electricity. I have no idea how much it cost me to power the TV during these games, but just the fact I leave the game on means I deserve something, so I'm adding $50 to the bill.

I'm sure there's more, but for now that's what I came up with. So what's my total bill to the Giants? It's a cool $2,269.07.

I don't really know who I should send this bill to, but since Eli Manning is making about $28 million this year with salary and bonuses, he might be a good candidate. If you do the math, he makes what I believe the Giants owe me in less than an hour. Actually he makes that in about 40 minutes

Now I'm even madder.

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