I remember the day I got my license...due to a knee injury, I had to wait a few months after my 17th birthday, but in May of 2002(!), I was good to go. One of my first trips? Off to the gas station to fill up my car. 12 bucks. My, how things have changed.

I last filled up on Monday. I have the same make and model car that I did when I was 17. Then it was a '95, now it's an '05. The cost to fill my tank? 48 dollars. Are you KIDDING me?? And I know plenty of people who drive trucks and SUVs that spend twice that. And that's just for regular...I can't even imagine springing for the Premium stuff!

I remember gas being 99 cents a gallon. My parents remember gas being 40 cents a gallon. According to GasBuddy, the average cost of gas in NJ today is $3.59. I know there's inflation and all, but COME ON.

So with summer looming, and prices only seeming to reach higher and higher...what would you consider a reasonable price for gas? I think I'd be good with $1.50, maybe 2 bucks a gallon...I could probably even deal with $2.50.

At least Free Gas Fridays are coming...your shot to fill up on us!

So what would you consider a 'reasonable' price for a gallon of gas? Comment below!