Experts say there are a few things that men commonly hide from their partners. So what could he be keeping from you?

According to an article at, here are a couple of the things he may not be willing to tell you about himself, and they may surprise you.

He is really dependent on you...Experts say guys are generally pretty comfortable being the one that gets leaned on, but when it comes to needing to lean, they are very hesitant to be open about their emotions. (Didn't need an expert for that one, right girls)?

He DOES want to cuddle... Don't let the guys fool you on this one. Sometimes they have more on their mind, but sometimes they really do just want to cuddle. Experts say to make a point to put your hand on his arm or hold his hand once in a while.

I'm sure many of you  are raising your eyebrows with a smirk of disbelief on your face right now, but who knows...he may be deeper and more emotional than you ever dreamed!

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