Not gonna lie - this one is exciting.

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For a while, we've been wondering what would replace the old Payless Shoes on Route 70 in Brick, especially when rumors about a re-opening started swirling around. Well now, we finally know what's taking its place (and sorry, Payless fans, the shoe store won't be re-opening).

As I've mentioned before, local Facebook groups are a great source of info about new things coming to the community. A quick scroll through What's Going there in Ocean and Monmouth Counties tipped me off that Sephora is replacing Payless in the Kohl's/ShopRite shopping center.


Not familiar with Sephora? I'm happy to tell you about one of my favorite stores. They sell beauty products, mostly makeup and skincare, but they do sell fragrance and hair products too.

Credit: Anne Fredricks
Credit: Anne Fredricks

Check out a photo of the new Sephora - it was taken by Anne Fredricks in the What's Going There in Ocean and Monmouth Counties Facebook Group!

I think this is an awesome addition to the shopping center. Most Sephoras are located in a mall or have smaller setups in a store like JCPenney's (or ironically, Kohl's). Now, shoppers will have the option to visit the freestanding store without having to travel to either the Ocean County Mall or the Freehold Raceway Mall.

Plus, it's more of an opportunity to treat yourself (if you're a fellow makeup addict).

Are you excited to see Sephora opening up in Brick?

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