photo/Jo Hale

Halloween season is all about being scary or getting scared and I've recently learned just how many adults are afraid of ghosts, horror movies and clowns.

This can be a very frightening time of year for the grown ups! I've spoken to a few people who actually have terror in their eyes when you ask them about a clown and it is their bravery in admitting it that has inspired me to make a long overdue confession. I'm scared of Gene Simmons. Yep, when I was growing up I didn't want to "Rock and Roll All  Night" because I was busy staying up all night being afraid Gene Simmons was lurking down my hallway with blood dripping from his mouth making bloody footprints with his scary 24 inch silver boots. Three years ago I was on vacation and we were at a talent show. One guy came out to do a Gene Simmons impersonation. I got up from the table, ignoring my drink and my wife, and left sobbing. And I don't watch Family Jewels, as a matter of fact, I blocked the channel. There...I've said it. Don't judge me.