The success of small business owners has always been crucial to the economic growth of the Garden State.

Small businesses are the backbone on which our communities thrive. Personally, why it's important to for me to shop small whenever I can is the realization that instead of my money lining the increasingly-bottomless pockets of the big corporations, I'm actually helping a local member of my community send their kid to dance class or pay for soccer camp.

Small business owners are your family and friends on whom the town relies on. The days of small boutiques and coffee shops aren't necessarily a thing of the past here in the Garden State, but that's not what most people desire to open in New Jersey these days. A new survey conducted by the folks over at analyzed all the small businesses opening in the US and were able to figure out which type is the most common in each state.

You'd probably be surprised at which small business most people in New Jersey are eager to open. Depending on how often you use the service, though, maybe you won't be. The survey shows that most people here in the Garden State are interested in opening up a business affiliated with Amazon.

If you're anything like me, then you've probably got packages arriving at your house almost every single day. Honestly, it makes perfect sense. The more people use Amazon services, the more hubs, drivers, and distribution centers we need.

That's not to say that people aren't opening things like restaurants, breweries, little shops, etc. The most common business idea people are tossing around here in the Garden State these days, though, is something Amazon-related.

Take a look at the survey for yourself and see what you think!


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