If your heart was pounding when we got the tornado alert yesterday, you're not alone. It's not common we get tornadoes in New Jersey, but when they hit, they can be scary!

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When it comes to natural disasters like these, we're often not prepared to handle them until we get word they're coming, and then it's too late. I am definitely guilty of this one. You never think it's going to happen until it does. I know that if I was left feeling unsure of how to be prepared for when a tornado strikes, so were other people. I did some research for us.

How do you stay safe during a tornado?

I ventured over to the CDC's website to find some tips on how to stay safe during a tornado. Their first recommendation was to be prepared with an emergency kit (flashlights, non-perishable food, water, extra batteries, a battery-operated radio, etc). Many of us have one handy for hurricanes already, so that can play double duty.

The CDC also warned us to stay up to date with weather conditions (we'll always keep you posted on our 92.7 WOBM app!)

And finally, the CDC recommended we take shelter in somewhere like a basement or a room on the lowest floor of your home without windows, and to get under something sturdy.

Now all of this may seem like common sense, but when you're in the midst of an emergency, sometimes you don't think straight. So it's good to always be prepared!

NJ arrests 31 accused child predators in Operation 24/7

A roundup of 31 men have been accused of sexually exploiting children online, state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced on July 14 while detailing "Operation 24/7."

The suspects “possessed and or distributed videos and images of child sexual abuse, including in many cases videos of young children being raped by adults,” Grewal said.

Chat apps and gaming platforms remain favorite hunting grounds for child predators and even as the pandemic winds down, many children have continued to spend more time online.

State Police received 39% more tips in just the first 6 months of 2021 than they received in the entire year in 2019. The following are suspects charged in "Operation 24/7."

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