Have you seen some of your friends post these colored blocks and numbers and wonder, "Why don't I know anything about this?"

Well, the "this" is called Wordle.


Wordle a word game that you can play - then, as your friends are doing - you can post your scores. (Of course, the question is, "Does anyone care what my Wordle score is?")

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Here's the deal:

Wordle is a word game, with some empty blocks that you have to use to type in letters. What you're doing is trying to guess a five letter word, without any clues.

You type in a word, and "the game" helps you from there.

It's pretty easy to play, not easy to "win."

You have six tries to guess the word, and there's a new word every day.

Wordle is a game that can be played online - without an app!

That's right, no App to download, you just go to Wordle and play!

You can simply Google the word, "Wordle" or go here.

At the end, you get a score and you're given the option of sharing your score on Facebook, or other social media.

Where did Wordle come from?

According to theglobeandmail.com, "The game was created by Brooklyn-based software developer Josh Wardle for his girlfriend, who loves word games, and a couple months later he introduced it to his friends and family, who became obsessed with it, too. Then, in October 2021, Mr. Wardle released it to the world. The game now boasts more than two million players worldwide."

So, now do you want to play?

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