A couple of friends were over this weekend and they asked, "Did you play WORDLE, yet?"

Wordle? What is Wordle? I've never heard of it. They said I have to try it, it's a word game taking the world by storm. And, boy is it. I researched it a little and I was like how could I have missed this game.

It's a word game where you have to choose a 5 letter word, you get only 5 chances each day, I'll explain it all to you. Get ready to get addicted.

What is WORDLE?

This game is an online word game. It's a word-guessing game. It's all about guessing a five-letter word. Each day there is a new game and you only have six rows to get it right. There is only one word a day to figure out. It's a waiting game to play another word for tomorrow. It's crazy, but addicting. If you're anything like me, you just want to keep playing and playing, but it's a game of patience after you've figured it out. Wordle is about the secret word of the day. How quick did this become so popular, several months ago fewer than 100 players were trying, by the new year (2022) close to 400,000 people were trying the game and now more and more people, millions of people are playing this game.

Ready to play Wordle, here's how.

Head to your browser, it's free and simple, and type wordle, or CLICK HERE. It will pop up. A board with six rows of five boxes will come up. Just an empty board where you choose the first five-letter word. Enter your five-letter word. The letters will either turn green, gold, or gray. If a letter turns green in your five-letter word, it's in the correct spot. If a letter turns gold in your five-letter word, it's a part of the secret word but it's just in the wrong spot, and if a letter turns gray in your five-letter word, it's not in the secret word of the day. Don't forget every time you put in a word, hit enter to the left of the board. Have fun.

It's that simple. It's fun. It will keep you guessing and remember you only get six chances to get the secret word. Wordle then allows you to share your score on social media, but don't give the secret word out of the day. It's the same word for everybody.


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