Give one of these New Jersey-themed words a try next time you play Wordle.

Are you a self-proclaimed Wordle addict like I am?  Do you look forward to solving the daily 5 letter word puzzles, and sharing your results with your friends?  If so, I've got a treat for you.

As you know, the starting word you choose in Wordle is very important (especially since it seems like the game has gotten more difficult).  It can either make or break your streak.  Do you use the same starting word daily, or do you like to change it up?  I'm someone who has 1 or 2 trusty first guesses.

Some players like to start off with a word that has a lot of vowels to easily knock those off the list (that's me!).  Others prefer to go for a word with repeat consonants.

No matter what your starting Word is in Wordle, I figured it would be fun to think of some New Jersey-themed words to try!  All of the words I came up with would be solid guesses for multiple reasons.  Some of them have popular consonants like Rs or Ss, some have a lot of vowels, and some have unusual consonants like Zs, so you can rule those out right away.

The next time you play Wordle, show your love for the Garden State by using one of these NJ-themed starting guesses.  Wouldn't it be fun to try a new one each day?  And hey, let us know if you have any luck with them!

Happy Wordle playing!

10 Fun New Jersey-Themed Guesses for Wordle

Next time you're playing the viral game Wordle, give one of these NJ-themed words a try to help you win!

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