If you're like me, the wind woke you up more than once last night. So just how windy and cold will it be today in Monmouth and Ocean Counties?

Well, we start with a Wind Advisory in effect for our area. The Wind Advisory means that we can expect winds between 20 and 30 mph and we may experience gusts up to 45 mph. With that type of wind, it could make the wind chill feel close to 20  degrees below the actual temperature, which is not expected to get much above 30.

Obviously, with winds like this there is a chance of debris, garbage cans, branches and any number of other items blown onto the roadway, so please be extra careful.

The Wind Advisory is in effect for most of our area until late afternoon or early evening today. But there is good news. Alan Kasper says that warmth is just around the corner.

Alan says we have to get through another cold night tonight, with lows in the teens in some spots tonight, but then the warm up begins. Tomorrows high will be in the mid 40's and could reach 50 in some spots, and then a high of 60 on Saturday.

So the winter that just won't go away keeps...well...not going away. At least not today or tonight. But I guess no one expected this winter to go away quietly anyway.