Kelly in Middletown called with a story about a bachelor party her boyfriend went to, but you'll never believe what happened when he got there...and now Kelly wants your advice!

Kelly's boyfriend Mike was attending his buddy's bachelor party in Atlantic City. The "party" was actually a long weekend, lasting over several days.

Mike attended only one day, for a few hours, before any of the real crazy action happened.

So what's the problem?

The groom-to-be asked every single attendee (5 or 6 guys) for his "gift" of $60 each so he could gamble.

Are you kidding me??

Mike thought that was a little weird, but didn't want to start any drama, so he forked over the cash. Kelly thinks he should have spoken up about it.

I am DEFINITELY with Kelly on this one. I'm never about starting drama, but that's just ridiculous.

These guys are coming to celebrate with you, paying for your drinks and entertainment (along with their own), paying to stay in a hotel, and on top of that you're gonna ask them for $60?

It's one of the most absurd and tacky things I've ever heard.

And who (over the age of 9) asks someone where their gift is?

You don't just expect someone to give you a gift, and you should NEVER expect a certain monetary amount. You never know what someone's financial circumstances are!

I'm just so shocked by this!

What would you do in this situation? Share your thoughts below!

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