Hey guys, I know you're all focused on the Big Game, but attention: Valentine's Day (also known as Single Persons Awareness Day)  is only three weeks away. Are you ready??

For the most part, I'm the sappy romantic type (I'm also the single type). In a relationship? I love the ridiculous over-the-top gestures, the flowers, the teddy bears...Even more so, I love the idea of someone putting a lot of thought into something, whether it be planning a nice meal at home with a movie, or a grand night out.

That being said, some women HATE that stuff. And some women SAY they hate it, but secretly hope you'll do it.

So what's a guy to do? Well...it's always best to really know your woman, but when in doubt, plan something. Anything. (And no, a trip to White Castle doesn't count, unless that's where you met, and even still, NO.)

Just make it special, or make it unique. Make it something so she knows you appreciate her, no doubt she'll thank you for it.

And for my single ladies? Grab your girls, go out for a couple drinks, and relish in the fact that you don't have to stress about what to get a MAN for Valentine's Day, because chocolate can only get you so far...

What's your ideal way to celebrate Valentine's Day? Tell us below!