We have about a month until Labor Day, and that's plenty of summer left, which is not exactly good news for the mosquito haters out there. So exactly how long do we have to endure mosquito season at the Jersey Shore?

It turns out the experts say that wait might be longer than you had hoped. We had an allergy season that never semed to end, so will our mosquito season ever end? The answer, of course, is yes, but weather has to make a pretty drastic change.

According to Allison Pest Control, it's going to take about a 30 degree swing to put the season to rest. They say temperatures have start consistently staying at 50 or below to shut the door on the mosquitoes.

We pulled up a graph of average high and low temperatures for Point Pleasant just to give us an idea, and according to that, the temperatures won't be right to end mosquito season until mid November or early December.

Of course, that's based on averages, and our weather has been anything but average lately, so this could vary, but just keep an eye out for temps to level off at around 50 and you'll know the mosquito end is near.

How unfair is that to summer lovers and mosquito haters that the mosquitoes will be around about two months longer than summer will be. Now, that's just not right.

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