...Here's how to start fresh in September to get back in shape!

Pictured: Michele the nutritionist and Lynn the trainer at The Atlantic Club. (Photo from Lynn at TAC)
Pictured: Michele the nutritionist and Lynn the trainer at The Atlantic Club. (Photo from Lynn at TAC)

I was really, really good with my healthy eating plan and exercise program from last fall through this spring because I was motivated to look and feel good for summer.

If you are enjoying summer but finding it difficult to stay disciplined when the weather is great and you've got not only a boardwalk full of the best pizza, zeppoli, and ice cream...but then also all that amazing outdoor dining and frozen cocktails at your beck and call, then read on.

If you're telling yourself that you'll get back on track when the summer heat is over and the kids are back in school, then mark these dates and try the Healthy Care small-group program complete with a nutritionist and personal trainer at your beck and call. Focus on yourself for 90 days and you will feel like a new person!

I love this program. Not only do you bond with others who are in the same boat as you, but you become accountable to your new friends and learn how to shop, cook, eat, and work out in a manner that best suits YOU. And it's run by certified experts who really make sure your best health is the goal...including how to manage your stress!

If you would like to attend a free information session to find out all about this program, here are the locations and dates (and you do NOT need to be a member of The Atlantic Club to take part in this program:)

The Atlantic Club Info Dates for the 90 Day Healthy Care Program:

Red Bank:

Tues. Sept. 10th at 6:30 pm

Wed.,  Sept. 11th at 10:30 am



Tues., Sept. 10th at 9:30 am

Thurs., Sept. 12th at 6:30 pm


To sign up for one of these free info sessions, CLICK HERE!

To get an idea of what you will do each week, CLICK HERE!

These 13 week programs, set to start in September, will change your life for the better. I have learned so much and now have the tools to take better care of myself on a daily basis. And that is priceless!

The fall Healthy Care 13 week programs run from September through December so sign up now and know that by year's end you will be living your best life!

A  big thanks to Michele, Robin, Lynn, and Lisa, four of the best, most caring certified nutritionists and personal trainers, who are among those you will meet and work with throughout this program, as well as others you will meet along the way as you get a sample of different ways to exercise that you may never have experienced. My true gratitude to you all for all the ways you have helped me learn how to adjust my behavior through my own choices in order to live a better quality life.

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